The Warning Signs of Addiction

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March 2, 2016
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The Warning Signs of Addiction

Addiction can come in any form. You can get addicted to cocaine, alcohol, or any other type of drug. No matter what type of drug you are using, it is important that you are aware of the warning signs of addiction:

Increased Tolerance for the Drug

One of the main warning signs of drugs is that you start to develop an increased tolerance for it. Your body starts to get used to the drugs and you develop a huge threshold for having the same drug in higher quantities. Increased tolerance for the drug means that you have developed an addiction and you need to cut down on whichever thing you are consuming.

Physical Dependence

Another thing that happens when you develop a dependence on drugs is that you have a physical dependence on it. When you start drinking over an extended period of time, your body starts to become dependent on it physically. The way to know that you are physically dependent is to stop using it and see what happens to your body when you have it. You might start to experience withdrawal symptoms such as moodiness, irritability, and tremors along with sleep disturbances, anxiety, and others which are one of the main warning signs of addiction.

You Can’t Stay Quiet

What happens to you when you are having lots of drugs is that you can’t seem to stay quiet. Once you start saying things a lot, it is a sign that you are an addict. Addicts usually keep on talking about things in a loop. This, they say, is a huge warning sign of addiction and one that should be watched out for.

Drinking Over and Over Again

You are an addict when they drink over and over again. If you are drinking four or more times in a week or having drinks in the morning, it is a sign that your body is used to alcohol and you are getting addicted. This is, therefore, a major warning sign of addiction and one that you should be really careful of.

Your Relationships Are Being Affected

Another major impact of addiction is that your relationships will get greatly affected when you start to develop an addiction. Most family and friends have their very own limitations when it comes to drug usage. They might choose not to invite you to events based on your drinking. Moreover, your daily day to day habits will surely get affected as well once you develop an alcohol addiction or any sort of addiction and this is, therefore, one of the major things addicts suffer from.


You are also bound to have blackouts when you start drinking  too much alcohol. When other people have to fill out the places of what happened, it is a big warning sign that you are becoming an addict. Social drinkers do not have blackouts. If you are going through this, you need professional help.  

If you or someone you love has been displaying these signs and symptoms of addiction, contact our providers at Drug Rehab Addiction Treatment today. They are ready to speak with you about our wide array of treatment options and addiction recovery programs.

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