Types of Therapy in Addiction Treatment

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May 25, 2016
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May 25, 2016

Types of Therapy in Addiction Treatment

Substance addiction therapy centers and alcohol rehabs use many therapies to help individuals take back control over their lives. While these treatments may vary from place to place, they often include family, group and personal therapy. These kinds of therapy try to help manage the two most important threats to a person’s heal. In order to tackle addiction, a rehabilitation or treatment center should create a multi-pronged, intensive treatment approach that is personalized to the precise needs of every patient. There are different types of treatment methods that may be beneficial in creating a therapy plan for anyone suffering from substance addiction or substance abuse.

Personal Therapy

Personal therapy takes place when a counselor or a therapist meets personally with a client, talking about treatment option, treatment objectives and private issues. Personal therapy in substance addiction treatment must happen at least one time weekly, if not more based on the requirements of the client. Personal therapy functions by offering a format where one is guided on an explorative path to discover test and apply new abilities that will be essential to a lifetime of healing.

Trauma Therapy

Most customers getting treatment for substance addiction have some kind of trauma in their past. Self-medicating the emotions related to past traumas is major catalyst for alcohol and drug abuse, so it is essential that substance addiction treatment handle trauma. Trauma treatment may appear in a person or group session as much use several therapy approaches.

12 Step Programs

12 Step recoveries, via fellowships like Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous is the older form of remedy for substance addiction. Most treatment centers may either base their rehab philosophy on the 12 Steps; assist client’s to participate in 12 Step groups during treatment and particularly after treatment or maybe a 12 Step immersion method into their medical practices. At least, most treatment centers offer group classes educating customers on the 12 Steps, religious principles and 12 Step fellowships.

Family Therapy

Any quality substance addiction rehab center must include lots of family work in its treatment plan. Substance addiction is a family illness that affects the whole family; therefore the whole family must be included in treatment. Family therapy is essential for many reasons to inform the family, to help the members of the family in developing healthy limitations, to help the family in how good to assist their loved one during treatment and later on in recovery and to help the family to deal with major issues.

Group Therapy

Group therapy is normally where the customers spends the most of their time during addiction therapy. Groups are led by qualified clinicians that will take many approaches: psycho-educational, practice oriented, trauma-focused, and many more. Groups normally allow for crucial peer-to-peer conversation, trust and responsibility to take place.

Substance addiction treatment is made for people who are ready to come out of dependency. Therefore, getting the best plan that will work for you is very important and is often the main difference between the life kept and the life lost. Our intake coordinators at Drug Rehab Addiction Treatment can help you design that plan. Contact us today.

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