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Besides the individual, addiction is a disease that affects everyone. It is important for people to understand that addiction is an illness and that it is up to the individual to seek change. If you or someone you know has admitted to having a problem with drugs and alcohol, then the first step towards recovery has been made. The journey towards sobriety will not be easy; however, with the proper care and support, your addiction recovery program can be positive and healthy. The next step would be to admit the individual to a drug rehab facility. Every drug rehab center can offer those who struggle with addiction, life-saving changes and solutions. All clients are treated by professionals in the field of addiction recovery and understand the hardships of addiction.

Drug Rehabilitation Programs

do not solely focus on the physical damages that addiction has on the body, but also the psychological damages. In some cases addiction can unravel or add other health issues such as depression and anxiety. It is important that your drug rehab program offers:

  • A clinically manages detox that is monitored by professionals
  • A relapse prevention plan along with aftercare services
  • A family program that provides information in regards to addiction and how to further help their loved ones in recovery
Generally, generally drug rehab programs have a duration of about 30 days; however, it may be possible that a client is required to stay admitted within their facility for a longer period of time. This is perfectly okay, especially for more severe cases of addiction that may take a year to recover. If you are unsure about what type of drug rehabilitation program is right for you, we can help. Our drug rehabilitation facilities can offer privacy within out many programs that include:
  • Residential drug rehab programs
  • Outpatient programs
  • Short stay programs
  • Therapeutic programs
If you call us today at 888.569.2655 and talk about your struggles with addiction with us, we can place you in the right program that will meet your recovery needs. Contact us now, and speak with a compassionate intake coordinator about our facilities and programs.

Stand-Alone Residential Addiction Treatment Programs:

Stand-alone treatment programs specialized in drug and alcohol addiction. Clients will reside within these facilities daily and have 24 hour care from experienced staff members. Residential treatment programs share many other components from other treatment programs such as outpatient and partial hospitalization. These programs also offer clients a detoxification process that is necessary and customized to each individual. These services will remain within the facility for about 20 days if covered by a private insurance. It is best; however, if an addiction treatment program is federally funded. That way clients can reside within stand-alone facilities for three to six months. Call Drug Rehab Addiction so we can help you decide if a stand-alone treatment program is right

Hospital Based Rehabilitation Centers and Programs:

This type of facility and programs are based within the addiction treatment centers of general hospitals. Clients who qualify for this type of treatment have developed other chronic to acute health issues such as depression and anxiety. The duration of these programs are much shorter, about 10 days, because they only focus on detoxing. Once a clients have completed their detoxing, they are sent to spend then remainder of their addiction recovery program at stand-alone treatment centers. Like stand-alone treatment programs, not all hospital rehab centers and programs are fully covered by private insurances. If you contact Drug Rehab Addiction today, we can help you find a facility that is covered by insurances and also see if a hospital based treatment program is suitable for you. 

Long Term Residential Treatment and Care:

It is common for clients to need extended care after a fourteen to thirty day stand-alone treatment program. The need for extended care can happen for a various amount of reasons. The following is a short list of common explanations of why a client would need a long-term residential treatment:

  • Clients are still displaying side effects and cravings for drugs and alcohol
  • Clients are experiencing or showing signs of relapsing even
  • Clients need further recovery in a safe, healthy, and structured environment to resolve further addiction issues

The average duration of extended care programs is about 90 days and was originally designed to help impaired experts. Long-term residential programs ended up having such a large positive effect among the addiction recovery community that it became part of many addiction treatment facilities and their programs. If you think that a long-term or an extended care program is right for you, call Drug Rehab Addiction, so we can have you go through one of our comprehensive assessments. 

Outpatient Treatment Programs:

Clients who are employed, have a social support system, and can remain off drugs and alcohol for up to three days (72 hours) are most likely able to apply for an outpatient program. Within these programs, clients can remain at home, but have to attend several meetings throughout the week. Individuals who are involved in outpatient addiction treatment programs must be highly motivated and capable of handling some parts of their addiction recovery program alone. To figure out if an outpatient treatment program is right for you, call Drug Addiction Rehab today. It is mandatory that, as our client, you must complete an assessment to be places in this extensive recovery program. Although all of our clients want to recovery from home, outpatient programs are not for everyone.

Partial Hospitalization Programs:

Partial hospitalization treatment programs are similar to outpatient programs and became popular in the 190’s due to the coverage brought to clients within the Medicare population. The client can still reside at home; however, they must attend extensive meetings 4 hours a day, 5 days a week, for 6 weeks. Once again, in order to qualify for this type of treatment program, it is vital that each client go through an assessment.

Therapeutic Communities:

The 1960’s were a time of discovery and experimentation within all sorts of communities. When it came to addiction and recovery, professionals believed that individuals suffered from behavioral problems which caused them to become addicted to drugs and alcohol. Experts thought that through willpower, clients would want to change their behaviors and therefore no longer abuse substances. At the time communities and programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous and 12 step programs were frowned upon. Throughout the decades, therapeutic comminutes have come to include AA and 12 step programs and the duration of stay can be anywhere from a few months to 2 years.

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